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22 March 2014  
  Camael, Kemuel.
The Angel of:
  Kamael is a powerful Archangel. This Archangel will remove with quick force anything that has outlived its usefulness and which is holding us back. Some of these events need to be ended quickly and we need to realise the dangers involved.
  Red, Scarlet, Crimson.
  Energy, Action, Dynamic.
  Jasper, Diamond, Sapphire.
  The Ram
  The Tower
  Life can be so demanding that often we can become ill and run down. Often people say that they haven't got the time to start the spiritual journey. However, the Angels will help us to make the time and remove the clutter from our material life. 

Once we've removed this clutter, we then need to take action to start the spiritual journey and move our life forward. We need to take action both to start this journey and ensure that we continue despite the many years ahead. 

Many people start this journey and the path is littered with the remains of unfinished work. We often make a dynamic start full of energy and enthusiasm. This must be continued as there are great rewards for anyone who completes this journey.
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