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21 October 2014  
The Angel of:
  Adriel is an Angel who knows the problems we face if we don't have someone special in our life. This Angel can help to bring the friends we need to bring us happiness we all crave. When this happens we will feel the bliss and intense love we all want.
  Olive Green.
  Care, Love, Dreams.
  The Moon
  High Priestess
  Life can be very hard to understand when people we care about suffer through long illnesses or leave us suddenly. At these times the Angels will walk with us as they see the suffering affecting us. We always feel like this with the people we love. 

Love is a great gift but sometimes it hurts us when we see the illnesses faced by others. If we never loved anyone, how would we ever be happy and know to work with the Angels? They will take our love to a higher level to show how much they care. 

People often dream about Angels and wonder why they are never in their life, especially when they need them. These dreams are often messages from the Angels as they speak to us when we sleep, to show that they are waiting to help.
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