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22 November 2014  
The Angel of:
New Changes
  Castiel is an Angel of Thursday and will help anyone born on this day or anyone who asks for help on this day. The Angel can help us if there are changes in our life which may involve a lot of travelling or moving to a new country and we need guidance.
  Pastel Green.
  Beginnings, Passion, Understanding.
  The Archer
  When we start out on the spiritual path it can seem very daunting. We can appear shy and scared until "we find our feet". It's important to listen to the advice given at the beginning by the Angels who want to protect all of us. 

Most people fail to consider any other aspect of their life except their material work. This can often lead to unhappiness as people feel their life is empty. Life is full of passion and great rewards, but we have to accept life, both good and bad. 

The Angels know that all of us will initially struggle to understand our spiritual path. How do we know when we have succeed or failed? It can be difficult unless we use our gifts or we will fail to see how far we have come on this path.
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